8 must-have nail polish colors for fall

Must have nail polishes

Must have nail polishes

Must have nail polishes

Nail polish is my favourite accessory. It’s rare you see me without nail polish. Actually I kind of feel naked if my nails aren’t painted so I prefer to always have my nails painted. Also I really like taking the time two-three times a week to sit down and paint my nails – there’s something very relaxing about it. I like to make myself a cup of tea, paint my nails, and read a magazine. Such a treat and the perfect way to wind down after a long day. Below are 8 of my favourite nail polishes this season. 

Fall must have nail polish

     Rouge Sauvage |Vert Absinthe |Couture Holiday 2016  |Game of Chromes



Fall must have nail polishes

                       Pirate | Vamp | Cavaliére | Rouge Puissant  


Lots of love...

  • ~Tha~Golden~Lady~

    I completely agree w/ you on the ‘feel naked’ sensation when I don’t have nailpolish on either, so that’s 2 of us (and certainly not just us :D). Also agree on the relaxing time it brings ! Thanks for the selection below, even if my favourite still stays the one you’re wearing in the pictures 🙂 x

  • I love painting my nails too but I don’t do it often because I fear they’ll turn yellow. My toe nails are a different story, I paint them the whole summer, I can’t wear sandals unless they are painted!
    As for your selection I love the rouge sauvage and Chanel’s vamp. They are gorgeous shades!


  • Belle

    I love the color you’re wearing in the main photo! What is it?