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Haven’t we all fallen victim to annoying bra-blems? The bra is too tight, the straps are slipping, the band is riding up, the straps are digging in, you have side boobs, or you’re spilling over the top….

If you are anything like me (and my friends!) you want to rip off your bra the moment you walk in the door at the end of a long day. Actually, I often want to rip it off right at work because it’s nagging me so much. Haven’t we all taken trips to the bathroom at work or at school to readjust our bra because it’s driving us crazy? Well, you are not alone. 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! No wonder most of us want to rip off our bra almost as soon as we put it on

”The best bra is the one you never think of.” – ThirdLove

So when ThirdLove reached out to me to share my own bra-blems I was eager to share them. My biggest bra-blems are my boobs spilling over the top and my straps slipping. Especially, the first issue is really annoying. I swear, sometimes I feel like I have four boobs and not two! Please tell me I am not the only with this problem…


It’s not like I haven’t had a bra fit – in fact, I’ve had one many times but the bra just never seem to fit no matter what. It might fit perfectly in the dressing room but after wearing it a few times it just doesn’t fit anymore and I am back to having all the bra problems I had before. After taking a closer look at ThirdLove and trying their Fit Finder I found out that apparently I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size my entire life. No wonder I’ve been so frustrated with all my bras! My cup has been too small and my straps too long. The good thing, though, is I now have the perfect excuse to buy new underwear – and who doesn’t love that!

Whether you are wearing the wrong size too or just need new underwear ThirdLove are giving you 15% off on all purchases. Just use this promo code: TLBBOCT16 at checkout!

Below are six of my favorite bras and an amazing bra guide from ThirdLove.


Lace balconette bra | Strappy T-shirt bra | Plunge perfect bra



Classic push-up bra | Lace push-up bra Classic T-shirt bra 


Lots of love...

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  • Nicole

    Hi Heidi, what a great post! Bra fit is SO important, nothing worst than having bulges visible through a cute top or dress. Also, you live in Denmark? How amazing is that?! I wanna visit so bad! Maybe next summer 🙂

    xx, Nicole

    • Thank you so much, NIcole! And yes it really is the worst….
      Yeah, I do! Let me know if you do visit then I can give you all the good tips on what to see, do, eat etc. But beware – Denmark is a very expensive country! Do you live in the states? 🙂

  • Caitlin

    Love this post! xx Caitlin Dash of Darling

  • Great tips! It is very important to choose the right underwear!